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In a small room sits a young girl. Her eyes are a deep sea blue and her hair dark brown and long.  She is sitting on an oak chair, she seems disconnected...
"Clem? Its dinner time" comes a voice from outside the room. But the young girl just sits there seeming uninterested or unaware of the voice.
"OK Clem Just come down when your ready and don't forget to wash up.." the voice said as the sound of walking starts and slowly disappears...
A small shadow moves across the girls eyes but she seems not to notice as the shadow skirts and dances in her field of vision as if playing with her
"shes gone you know Ilian We can play now you know.. We can have the spoils.. the toils and the Coils Oh dear the coils were missing out on Ilian THE COILS!" came the voice of the shadow. But she seems not to care. Or be aware of the voice speaking.
The shadow soon goes away as if bored and doesn't appear for sometime after.. the girl still sitting there her eyes glued to the wall disconnectedly.
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Insanity Becomes me
Insanity becomes me
by C.K. Madden
Stuck on fast forward
Living a lie
Driven insane by the dreams that are meant to guide me
I am slowly becoming my on personal daemon
Slowly, as my life drains from my soul...
Day by Day,
Hour by Hour.
Month by Month,
Inch by Inch.
Year By year,
Eon by Eon.
When slowly I begin to realize
Insanity Becomes me.
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her body is not her home
she sits in her room Unsure of who she is
she sits on her bed naked and in disbelief
her body is not her own
her body is not her home
they all say she's a guy
but she doesn't feel that way
her body is not her own
her body is not her home
she screams at the dreams for there no escape from her bitter reality
she stays up late unable to deal with her dreams that should offer her hope
cause her body is not her own
her body is not her home
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clematus by relikstheblue clematus :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 0 1
happy Anniversery
An anniversary
An anniversary, a special time of year
More special then yule, more special then birthdays
an anniversary, a special time of year
when two lovers remember the time they came together.
An anniversary, a special time of year.
A perfect time a perfect anniversary no matter the timing
Happy Anniversary My dear Chelsea-kins
two years going strong :)
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good vs evil by relikstheblue good vs evil :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 0 2
Oh my dear Goddess
OH my dear Goddess, How heavenly you are.
You bring in the seasons, And bring in the years.
You are the Mother, The Maiden, and the Crone.
And you bring us the gift of life.
OH my dear Goddess, How  Heavenly you are.
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I hang on to your every word..
all other sounds  totally gone..
the room is silent its just me and you..
our heart beats heard thumping in tune...
MY heart gives a murmur as you lean real close..
with your head on my chest I feel so helpless..
Like a person caught in a flash flood..
IM stuck to you like if you were super glue...
My heart gives a slow murmur as you  lean real close..
and I hear you breath slowly at first..
then I look at you and you look at me..
and with out even saying it we know what the other is thinking
I love you
its not exactly said
But its there
and our hearts are beating like if we were running.
And then its over its time for me to go
and our hearts hold on for one last beat
then I'm gone waiting to see you another  day.
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the deep see treusures
Down deep in the sea stares a golden city of ages gone by..
Down in the deeps of the sea where nobody dares to venture sits an underworld of treasure and technology.
Down in the deeps of the see Waiting to be discovered sits the lustrous city Of Amberdeen.
Where gold and silver and precess  metals and stones are to be found
and strange fish are around
the great deeps of the sea holds many secrets for thee
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mmm food by relikstheblue mmm food :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 0 4 moon by relikstheblue moon :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 1 2 little blue clouds by relikstheblue little blue clouds :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 2 4 how uncuth by relikstheblue how uncuth :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 0 3 ying yang by relikstheblue ying yang :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 1 0
pain and happiness-
Pain is what we believe in, We Love to find it in all our lives, were desperate for it, we beg for it no matter how much we try not to admit it.. we want pain..
We want pain in our lives in so many ways.. in our desperate struggle for the truth we search for true pain, religious pain, Pain in our desperate struggle for Happiness..
and after a while we just start to struggle less against pain.. and pain becomes one in our lives.. Our god.. Or leader .. Our person..
Pain comes in many forms.. from emotional to Bodily..
I repeat we are desperate for some kind of pain to fill our lives and we don't even know it. We love to be hurt.
But you know what we love even more?
Yes that feeling  Of power the feeling that we have when we Beat our search for pain. That feeling we have when we see the smile in a child's face, or the feeling we have when we hear a baby laugh.
Happiness is truly the best feeling  that Mankind has to offer... and we search it out for our own
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bleh its apicture id... by relikstheblue bleh its apicture id... :iconrelikstheblue:relikstheblue 1 2


Kirin by ThunderBearStudios Kirin :iconthunderbearstudios:ThunderBearStudios 139 57 Summertime by Angels-Advocate Summertime :iconangels-advocate:Angels-Advocate 86 27 WoW Profile Request for Reliks by ThunderBearStudios WoW Profile Request for Reliks :iconthunderbearstudios:ThunderBearStudios 1 2
When I stay up at night thinking
When I daydream in the middle of the day
When I sit and write my poetry
When I look into the digital sea that is the internet
When I smile or laugh at a joke with no meaning
When I zone out
When I lie down for the night
When I stare into the complete darkness before I depart to the land of dreams
I escape
I try to climb a wall to the rope that will allow me to escape
But the walls are to smooth
Patted down with the solid and smooth surface of pain
This thing I call life
Am I any good at it?
Am I going to fail as predetermined by the world?
Am I going to end and be represented as the nothingness that I see?
I try to escape these harsh questions…
But low and behold they follow me as if I packed them
Maybe I did
Between the socks and shirts…. No
With the toothbrush…. No
I think I packed it in the deep subconscious of the maze I call my mind
Unfortunately for me there is no escape
No solution
Just nothing…
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Metrocon 09 21 by Hikikomori-Desu Metrocon 09 21 :iconhikikomori-desu:Hikikomori-Desu 8 7 Generation Plastic by electric-ice
Mature content
Generation Plastic :iconelectric-ice:electric-ice 386 130
Spar by 2otaku Spar :icon2otaku:2otaku 5 29
Mature content
I remember... :iconmorphangel:Morphangel 1 9
Avalon Wand by Lolair Avalon Wand :iconlolair:Lolair 93 8 dA Family by elicoronel16 dA Family :iconelicoronel16:elicoronel16 796 210 Soul Eater by Ginger-J Soul Eater :iconginger-j:Ginger-J 1,543 121 :easteregg: by darkmoon3636 :easteregg: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 3,539 695 Leopard X by kspudw Leopard X :iconkspudw:kspudw 361 246 'The Notebook' Free CSS by spud100 'The Notebook' Free CSS :iconspud100:spud100 1,301 586
Kittens are evil I tell you, it’s true!
With fur made of Velcro and super glue.
Their big yellow eyes are poison no doubt
And they hack and they gag ‘til their insides are out.
They paw and they claw and they shred all your stuff,
They’ll reduce your couch to wood splinters and fluff.
They cough and they purr and they hiss and they mew,
And if you aren’t careful they’ll scratch you up too.
But one thing so bad it can top all of that:
When a kitten grows up it turns into a CAT.
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Mother Goddess by MoonLitCreations Mother Goddess :iconmoonlitcreations:MoonLitCreations 103 37



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Hey I am Kori
I am a strange and wonderful person
I am an artiest in the making and a a great writer (or so Ive been told)
I hope to put more up on here
and hope to make as manny friends as i did on my other account :D
if you wish to see more of my work please go to kitsunekori666
i would also like to give a shout out to my wonderful BF/GF and Luvr ThunderBearStudios


Current Residence: Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: large
Favourite genre of music: Clasic Rock Rock, House, Indi
Favourite photographer: ???
Favourite style of art: any
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: IPOD shuffle
Shell of choice: Conk
Wallpaper of choice: the kind thats on my walls
Skin of choice: mine get your own >.<
Personal Quote: If at first u dont sucseed, at least you learned something in the atempt

Got stitched up

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2009, 7:47 PM
the other day (thursday to be precise) I cut my thumb on a plate so i had to spend like a long time in the emerg to get it stitched up went perty deep :( luckily it DIDN'T go deep enough that it would of did to much damaged but fun night
the freezing was the worst part the attending dock stuck the needle in the would would rate that as a 6 or 7 on the pain scale possibly even an 8 :(
6 friken stitches :( all because of a broken plate (stupidly tried jamming the plate into the garbage :| was in a real bad mood so my common sense part of my brain wasn't working so well :|
well now that that has been happened i can wipe off "stitches" off my list of things to do before i die :rofl:

for journal css go here… )
thank you sketched-dreams and spud100 for the lovely journal css


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